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2022 Harvest

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peaceful child

Breeder: Mass Medical Strains

Lineage: (Tenzin Kush 4 x Ancient OG) x Indigo Child Bx1

Frosty and dense, the buds have a subtle earthy spiciness, but the ground flower is more complex and includes a note of juniper berry and floral sweetness. Aside from being an absolutely beautiful plant, this is a truly special strain. The high is bright, clear, deep, joyful, activating, elevating heart-opening medicine. We recommend smoking it for the first time in a quiet, calm space where you can tune into your body and mind and really feel its transcendent effects. Great for a moment of intimate connection  between friends as it brings on a bright-eyed and playful childlike state, but also an awesome candidate for a casual daytime smoke with its functional and clear-headed high.

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Breeder: Brisco's Beans via Bodhi & Irie Seeds

Lineage: Bodhi’s Strawberry Goji x Irie’s Strawberry Starburst


This powerful sativa-dominant hybrid packs a real punch, and she hangs around! It is a cross of Bodhi’s Strawberry Goji — a special pheno of Bodhi’s Goji OG (Nepali OG x Snow Lotus) — and Irie’s Strawberry Starburst (StrawBerry Fields x Arise). Cool to note that StrawBerry Fields is an indica strain bred here in Vermont. Perhaps that is the source of its beautifully dense structure. The intact buds have a sharp, sour gassy pineapple nose, while the ground flower is dominated by strawberry candy and Hawaiian Punch notes. This pheno exhibits a markedly sativa-dominant come up, with a cerebral (even perhaps racy) effect. Increased alertness, awareness and motivation taper off into a well-rounded energetic and clear-headed high that lasts. A good daytime smoke, sure to stimulate and energize you.  For the unseasoned smoker it could be a little intense on the come-up with a notable increase in heart rate and alertness! 

starberry goji


Breeder: East Coast Cultivars

Lineage: Ice Cream Dream x Eastcoasterlamb

Tillie's is a well-balanced indica/sativa blend with an incredibly complex flavor profile. There is a definite dominant creaminess up front as well as a sour sharp blueberry gas nose to the intact flower, and deeply sweet floral honey essence and hashy undertones come to dominate the ground flower. It is a flavorful smoke. You will experience the strongest blueberry muffin notes upon inhale. The Ice Cream Dream mother lends that intense prevalent creaminess, potency, glittery sweet resin and heavy crystal cover, and uplifting energetic effects come from the Mr. E (MMS) and Jamaican lambs bread grandparents. A giggly hybrid. Great for mood lift and great medicinally for body pain and headaches as well as for stress relief. A little too much can give the feeling of super stoned, puffy eyes, laughing at everything. This is an awesome strain that will get you there even if you are a daily smoker with a tolerance on the higher side.

tillie's favorite flavor 


Breeder: 3Thirteen Seeds

Lineage: (Blueberry Hashplant x Blueberry Hashplant) S1

This is an S1 of Bodhi Seeds’ Blueberry Hashplant. Hashplant genetics leans this hybrid toward indica. Dense, terpy, bright green buds have a sharp, clean lemon-pine and grapefruit edge on the front of a sweet, funky blueberry syrup and earthy hash backdrop, which is much more prevalent in the ground flower. This smoke settles in quickly with a pleasant heaviness in the body. Very relaxing and comfortable head and body high with some sedative, dreamy effects. Effective for nerve and muscle pain and a tonic for the racing mind. Surprisingly functional high for a strain with such potent and long-lasting relaxing effects.

blueberry hashplant


Breeder: Mass Medical Strains

Lineage: Praying Mantis x Swabi Pakistani

Pak Man is a delightful mid-potency, high-vibing sativa dominant strain with exotic landrace characteristics notable in the bud as well as the flavor profile. A great choice for a casual smoker or for a highly functional energy-boosting daytime smoke. MMS bred Pak Man by crossing his Praying Mantis with the pure heirloom/landrace strain, Swabi Pakistani, named for its region of origin. These genetics were gifted to MMS by Irrazin of Indian Landrace Exchange and first released for sale in 2020 for the Breeders Without Borders project. Natural foxtail structures on large, loose, frosty nugs make these some of the most unique looking buds you will find on the shelf. Upon first sniff you will encounter a sharp, pleasant “Swabi funk” or mustiness, with notes reminiscent of burnt rubber, coming off almost fermented at times. You may also notice some wild landrace-style incense and woody tones. Though the nose is Swabi-leaning in the intact flower, the smell of the ground flower is dominated by the sweet, fruity, melon-y and gassy terpene profile of her Praying Mantis mother. The dry hit tastes like Richie’s watermelon slush.  The smoke is super smooth and light. The high is bright, energetic and uplifting with a very pleasant lightness in the mind and body.

pak man

Screen Shot 2022-11-03 at 12.33.51 AM.png

Breeder: The MiT Seed Co.

Lineage: Tropaya x Sundae Driver

This is a real knockout strain. You can tell from first glance, these alien-looking flowers are thick with trichomes and dripping with resin. Sporting such dense trichome coverage, these flowers will dust up your grinder real quick with its bright purple keef. Tropical, grape and gas nose upon first sniff, and the dry hit is slightly more gassy with an overall flavor of candy grapes. Potent relaxed and body wrap effects. By the third hit you’ll start to feel a gentle wave of relaxation, nudging you to sink into your body’s innate awareness and release the day’s troubles from your mental landscape.  Consistently produces hash plants with heavy tropical fruity pebbles peach cereal milk cookie gas flavors. Sundae Driver brings her mouthwatering dry hash to the cross, while the peach ring Tropaya male brings the potency up, giving a strong relaxing effect with the added mind appeal.

tropic driver


Breeder: East Coast Cultivars

Lineage: Boston Cream Pie x Eastcoasterlamb

Indica sativa hybrid with potent medicinal effects. Beautiful sparkly lilac purple from extended genealogy of Mendocino Menage a Trois which is a cross of Triangle Kush and Mendocino Purple. Taste has this hearty earth note on top of fruits, pine, and solvents. Highly medicinal, as it's great for pain, insomnia, inflammation, mood, anxiety. And, if you're not using it for sleep, there is little to no burnt-out feeling after the peak effect. 

shepherd's pie

Screen Shot 2022-11-03 at 12.36.20 AM.png

Breeder: Mass Medical Strains

Lineage: PuTang x Swabi Pakistani

This is a rare 2:110.6% CBD pheno. A hybrid of the award winning PuTang (Hightimes Top Ten Strain 2019, Commonwealth Cup 1st Place Flower 2019) crossed with the epic landrace Swabi Pakistani.  A fun combination of old school and new school genetics, from the truly unique stinky terpenes and fluffy bud structure to the clear, uplifting, smoke. A mouth coating spicy flavor of the Swabi Pakistani, combined with some fruity orange and candy tones from PuTang. High potency of CBD makes it a good candidate for those seeking anti-inflammatory and anti-stress effects. Definitely stimulates the appetite. 

chick magnet

Screen Shot 2022-12-06 at 10.55.32 AM.png

Breeder: Gifted, Unknown

Lineage:  -- 

This strain is a well balanced indica-sativa hybrid. Intoxicating,  Little to no couch lock or energy zap after come down. Dense little beautiful nugs with a unique, complex terpene profile with funky notes and a long-lasting, clear-headed high that encourages creativity. The effects come on bright and inebriating; very giddy and playful. Nice buzzy body high. A crowd favorite for sure.

alien affair

sap profiles, ganjier services & consultations by Cyrus Loper of  Green Mountain Greenhouse LLC.

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