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Guava Pie

27.68% thc - 32.57% tac - 2.88% terpenes

Breeder: Bloom Seed Co. by Harry Palms, Symbiotic Cultures Cut 

Lineage: Strawberry Pie x Strawberry Guava

Super-frosty and dense, intense fruitiness makes for a remarkably sweet and flavorful smoke. Multi-award-winning cut gifted to us by our friends, Symbiotic Cultures, out of Maine.

Screen Shot 2023-11-25 at 10.59.16 AM.png

24.6% thc - 32.26% tac - 2.62% terpenes

Breeder: Rebel Grown, Breeder's Cut

Lineage: Double OG Chem x 5G's Yellow OG Sour F1

Impeccable sticky buds with dense, silvery trichome coverage. Smooth, easy-going, relaxing smoke with great body buzz. Potent but balanced

Natty Bumppo

Lemon Runtz.jpg

22.1% thc - 25.85% tac - 3.95% terpenes

Breeder: Elev8 Seeds, Symbiotic Cultures Cut

Lineage: Runtz x Lemon Tree 

This heavy-hitting hybrid dives right in with a pleasantly inebriating, lifted and euphoric mind high and very soothing, relaxing body effects.

Lemon Runtz


Galactic Pupil

23% thc - 27.82% tac - 2.61% terpenes


Breeder: Mass Medical Strains

Lineage: Black Hole Sun x Star Pupil 

Beautiful, crazy sticky, sparkly lilac to deep-purple colored buds with workhorse genetics - including amnesia haze, kush, bubba, Appalachia, peanut butter breath, chem and pupil - to back it up.


Heaven Mountain

22.25% thc - 27.21% tac - 2.66% terpenes


Breeder: Copa Genetics

Lineage: Goji OG (Bodhi Cut) x Variegated Appalachia 

Named after the mountain in China where the best Goji berries are grown. Very pleasant union of her parents flavors. Pine, sour butter, chem, berry funk & bright, sharp solvent/lacquer notes and quick-onset, heavy hitting effects.

Screen Shot 2022-11-03 at 12.36.20 AM.png

Durban Poison

17.35% thc - 22.61% tac - 2.79% terpenes


South African Landrace Cultivar, Sativa 

Durban Poison’s THC level averages at 15%, making this strain a wonderful example of how potency isn't tied to this number. Her cerebral, clear-headed high makes her a global favorite. Durban Poison long been associated with producing a powerful cerebral high and uplifting effects. She boasts an intense and pleasurable sweet, earthy and piney smell and flavor that leaves a bright, citrusy aftertaste. 


Breeder: Skunk House Genetics

Lineage: Cherry Pie x Double Burger

Possibly the frostiest flower to come out of the garden this year, these dense, gorgeous sparkling greenhouse-finished flowers offer a surprising delicate earthy floral bouquet that translates well into a sweet, smooth smoke and a comfortable, balanced high. Her nose is a sweet, subtly creamy skunkiness (1.6% terps), and her visual will absolutely leave you questioning whether you are really looking at some outdoor.

Cherry Burger

Screen Shot 2022-12-06 at 10.55_edited.j

20.17% THC - 23.92% TAC - 4.47% TERPS

Breeder: Bodhi Seeds

Lineage:  Dragon's Blood  x 88g 13/hp

Big, fragrant trichome-laden flowers with that sticky dense hashplant appeal just scratches the surface of the magic of this transcendent cultivar. Possibly the most exciting flower to come out of our 2023 garden, this super-special bodhi strain is known for its Heady, mentally stimulating effects and buzzing, euphoric head high with pleasant body feels. You surely won’t want to miss this single-plant limited drop.

Dragonsblood Hashplant

More 2023 strains and testing coming soon. 

2023 Harvest

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