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 get to know your lovespun cultivators

hippie in a pot plant

meet Alex:

For the love of the plant, for the freedom of it all. 

Meet Emma:

I'm a chaotic homesteading mama of three and the face behind the Lovespun brand. A jeweler by trade, I am most inspired and at peace when I'm immersed in nature. I am an avid gardener and forager, and I feel so blessed to live in a way that makes it possible to pass those passions onto my children. 

I believe that it is our charge as cannabis cultivators and enthusiasts to celebrate this plant in all the remarkable variations that have allowed her to evolve and thrive alongside humanity for thousands of years. By focusing on genetic diversity we ensure that future generations have the opportunity to fully experience the magic and essence that makes cannabis such an incredible, versitile and medicinal plant. 

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