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We create nature-inspired jewelry with organic materials we've gathered in the fields and woods around our homestead. Using a creative process called electroforming – which employs chemical and electrical principles to transform natural objects into metal – we preserve organic materials such as leaves, flowers, wood, feathers, bones and mushrooms in copper and occasionally silver. Our unique nature designs are blended and balanced by a diverse range of media including gemstones, crystals, glass, various metals, wood, ceramic, and hand-sculpted polymer clay. 

The process of electroforming uses an electrical current supplied by a powerful battery, a conductive acidic solution, and a copper source (copper pipe, wire, sheet, or scrap) to deposit a beautiful permanent copper plating onto an object. Anything that can be sealed well enough to withstand the chemical bath can be electroformed. Creating a piece of electroformed jewelry takes several days and is a chemically complex process, but, if you ask us, the results speak for themselves.

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