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When we aren't making jewelry or working in the garden, we enjoy crafting organic small-batch herb & botanically infused self-care and aromatherapy products, including healing balms, salves, soaking salts, pillow sprays, blended essential oil rollers & diffuser jewelry. 


Our signature blended essential oil perfume rollers have been featured in a handful of natural health/wellness subscription boxes, and are carried locally in shops throughout New England, including VerSol CBD in nearby Jamaica, VT. We use only the highest quality essential oils, herbs & botanicals. What we don't grow ourselves on our homestead we source from high-quality organic vendors. 


All roller blends are $17.17


New Release 

Transport yourself to an ancient woodland, thick with moss and dipped in fog... a leaf unfurls, a seed springs open, a beam of sunlight catches its reflection in a drop of morning dew, powerful roots weave magic networks in the earthy-sweetness beneath your seasoned bare feet.


Introducing our newest EO blend – Forest Witch – infused with black tourmaline, peridot & clear quartz. In the true spirit of a forest witch, this is our most complex and potent blend. The warm, familiar scents of cypress, balsam fir, camphor & cedarwood mingle playfully with the lesser-known aromas of cajeput, elemi, juniper berry, amyris & litsea. A grounding combination of patchouli, basil & sage round out this enchanting earthy blend.

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“This essential oil roller is named oh-so perfectly as it makes you feel exactly that, like a pure Goddess in Bloom! Smells so beautiful. My new daily go-to scent.”

"I love smelling pretty, but I HATE perfumes! This Goddess Essential Oil Roller is the absolute best! The oil leaves me smelling fresh and so pretty, I've gotten many compliments at work!"

"My oil roller got here quickly and was adorably/safely packaged. The scent is even better than I had imagined it would be. Will be ordering again, for myself and for gifts!"

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